sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

New section!!.. Lets make a shop list!

Alice's antique store- London- Notting Hill
Do you like shopping when you are travelling? I love it and I imagine that you love it too. What do you like to shop when you are in other place? I was thinking about it and finally I realized that I like to shop mugs, sleepers and bags! I think that I like to remember the places that I visited when I am in my home looking for a relaxing moment; so I make myself some great english tea and I enjoy it in my sofa, in the meantime I dream about my next trip!

I love "the little pretty and original things"; I don´t know how can I translate this but in spanish is "cositas lindas y originales"; it can be a delicate and original soap like this one that I bought in London or this lovely and decorative mongolian puppet doll that I bought in Thailand.
Decorative soap- London- Covent Garden

I need your help, YES!!! If you are from Prague, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Estokolm, Bergen or Reykjavik or if you ever visited some of this countries or may be one of this.. this is your stop!! I will travel to this cities in two months and I want to make a shop list, a helpful and real one!! with business hour and address too, may be with some pictures if you have some.. because I was searching on the net especifically for an haberdashery in the places that I mentioned and I couln't find it! May be you can help me to find this kind of store, or that one that you like, with lovely things to buy. If you are from there, may be you can give me some good advice!

I will post all the information that you give to me; if you want send me photos of your favourite store and I will select the best to post it!

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